Innova Valkyrie Review

Are you an improving disc golfer looking to upgrade to a long distance driver? If so, the Innova Valkyrie may be just the disc you are looking for. The "Valk" as it is sometimes known, provides superior high speed turn that makes it easy to throw at high speeds...even for beginners.

As a disc golf beginner, you probably stacked your bag with super-straight drivers (Innova Orc, Leopard) designed to fly wherever your wrist turned. With enough practice you could get these discs to travel completely straight.  However, after some time at your local disc golf course you probably realized that the guys with the big arms were not just throwing straight.  Then you decided to upgrade to a different distance driver...

It happened to me some time ago and one driver that was recommended to me was the Innova Valkyrie. I took to it immediately because it was so easy to throw. Unlike some more "advanced" discs that go way overstable when you throw too hard, the Valkyrie will resist that right-to-left motion (for right-handers).  This understable action makes the Innova Valk a really nice distance driver for intermediate players.

Pros also love to use the Innova Valkyrie as a turn over or roller disc. Its understable tendencies make it a perfect fit for such shots.

The versatility of the Valk makes it a great disc for intermediate to pro-level players. If you are frustrated with your lack of distance this could be a great driver to go pick up.

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