Discraft Stalker Review

The Stalker is the newest addition to Discraft's line of distance drivers.  While it may not be the most flashy or far flying driver in your disc golf bag, it will almost certainly find a place in your game. Think of the Discraft Stalker like a super-charged Buzzz. It will hold any line you give it and keep going longer than any mid-range.

I absolutely love the Discraft Buzzz. It is the most dependable disc in my bag. When I heard about the Stalker I was immediately intrigued by its comparisons to the Buzzz. A driver that flies like a mid? I needed to try it out.

The early reports of the Discraft Stalker were pretty much as advertised. It makes a great driver when accuracy is a must. It will keep any line you put on it and finish nice and smooth. I was equally impressed with the distance I squeezed out of the Stalker. Often times, straight-flying drivers tend to be very short. This was not the case with the Stalker. It flew very long, especially considering how easy it is to control

Overall, the Stalker would be a great addition to any disc golf bag. It makes a great driver for those just learning the game, or a nice dependable fairway driver for experts. Think of the Discraft Stalker like a perfect mid-range/driver hybrid.

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