Innova Sidewinder Review

In Disc Golf, as in many sports, getting great distance on your throws is all about technique - not power. You don't need to spend hours at the gym, or throw your back out on the course to throw long, accurate drives.Well...having the right disc helps too. If you don't have the world's biggest arm, the Innova Sidewinder Driver might be worth a shot.  I have found that it can give just about anyone great distance with minimal effort.

The Sidewinder has been called the "King" of the Flex-Hyzer shot. In case you are not familiar with this term, the shot is made by throwing an understable disc at a hyzer angle, then letting the disc naturally flip to anhyzer and finish it's flight. The result can be an ultra-long glide. As the Sidewinder's name may suggest, it is great at these "S" shaped flight patterns. Furthermore, because the hyzer is the most natural/easy shot for beginners to throw, it is a great driver for those newer to the game.

I have also seen the sidewinder be used as a roller disc,  so even those with big arms might just have a use for it in their bags.  Either way, the Sidewinder is an understable flier capable of elevating just about anyone's game.

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