Innova Star San Marino Roc Review

We all know (and probably throw) the famed Innova Roc.  It is no secret that the legendary mid-range golf disc is renowned for its versatility and reliability. The Innova Roc is a staple in the bag of disc golf pros and amateurs alike.  It has been a consistent go-to utility disc for as long as many disc golfers can remember.

One of the exciting new additions to Innova's line of discs is the brand new Star San Marino Roc. This disc brings all of the qualities we love about the roc, but makes them available in grippy/durable star plastic. As far as the flight of the disc, it is very similar to the original Roc, but slightly less stable. In my opinion, this is the straightest flying Roc to date.

I use the SM Roc for accurate fairway drives right now, but I know once it wears in it will make a great turn-over or anhyzer disc.  Looking for a straight-flying mid-range from Innova? The San Marino Roc in Star Plastic just might be the disc you've been waiting for.

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