R.I.P. Discraft Surge SS (FLX, Neon Yellow)

Bad news from Rockburn Disc Golf Course in Columbia, MD. After a wonderful day of golf in which I was poised to shatter my  personal record...I lost my primary driver.

She was dependable, controllable, and far-flying.  However, on a not-too-terrible drive on #16, my Surge SS made a gentle hyzer around a blind dog leg into some dense woods. After about 45 minutes of searching I called it a day. My name and # was on it so there is hope that a good Samaritan will one day return it. I will keep my fingers crossed. That's Rockburn for you...always one bad shot away from being down $17.

Oddly enough I did run across a leaf green (the only way to describe the color) Valk during my search.  Buying that disc is like winning a goldfish at the county fair...it won't last you long.

On a positive note, I did hit my personal shot of the year...a ~100ft midrange no-doubter with my Roc. It was ticketed for the chains as soon as it left my hand. A passer-by even asked me if I gave lessons...no joke.

All in all a good day. A lost disc every now and then is a small price to pay for disc golf traveling (A new one is on order anyway...along with a new bag...reviews to come!)

Happy Disc Golf Travels