Discraft Rattler Review – An Old School Putter

If you get the opportunity to pick up a Discraft Rattler Putt and Approach Disc you will quickly realize it is unlike any other golf disc in your bag because it actually feels like an old-fashioned "Frisbee". Its deep groove and thin outer edge will bring back memories of throwing discs at the beach or playing ultimate. Make no mistake though...this disc is designed for long approach putts.

The Discraft Rattler Putter is specifically designed to fly straight and quickly fall to the ground after it hits the peak of its flight. How could this be useful? Well...imagine you are about 100ft away from the basket. Sure...you could throw your mid range (like a Buzz or Meteor) and hope you don't overthrow. You could also throw the same mid range disc at 50% power. However, we all know decreased throwing power can cause your disc to hyzer or anhyzer prematurely.  The Discraft Rattler is designed for long putts such as these. Ideally, the Rattler is supposed to arrive near the basket then drop within feet of the chains.  Where some putters with more glide may overshoot the basket, the Rattler will provide you with an easy 2-putt (assuming you do not make the long putt).

I used my Rattler at the Rockburn Disc Golf Course in Howard County, MD a few days ago.  It flew just as advertised. The disc reminded me of a hovercraft as it floated towards the basket.  The flight was extremely slow, but also very true.  It took some getting used to, but eventually I became very comfortable throwing the Rattler both inside and outside the putting circle. Seeing this disc's unusual flight characteristics might just be worth the price of admission (about $8 MSRP).

Overall, will this disc replace your current favorite putter? Probably not. Could it be a great situational putter? Absolutely. I will definitely find a use for this disc in my bag,  especially on longer putts where overshooting is not an option (around water hazards, dense forest). I recommend that you pick one up and try it out (especially at its inexpensive price tag)...you just might find the Discraft Rattler a useful addition to your bag too.

The Good:

  • Very straight flight path
  • Predicable on long putts
  • Will not overshoot your target

The Not So Good:

  • Can not be given a hyzer or anhyzer easily