The Jungle DGC {Sanford, Michigan}

-The Jungle is located at Sanford Lake Park in Sanford, Michigan. The daily rate per car is $6, so have your money ready at the gate. When you get inside you’ll want to follow the road left until you see the message board and first tee on your right. Hole #1 was recently moved to provide a better parking situation and give the course a better flow. However, the practice basket is still where it used to be (by old hole #1 or new hole #3). Keep that in mind if you want to get some putts in before teeing off. The practice basket really isn’t TOO far from the start of the course, but I imagine they will eventually move it closer to help avoid confusion.

Hole #3 View

-The overall maintenance here is very good. Not just on the course, but in the park as a whole. I almost always see the employees with their hands full on some project. Along with good maintenance is good course amenities. On all 18 holes there’s concrete tees, descriptive tee signs, and nice baskets with number plates. Benches and trash cans are appropriately scattered throughout the course as well. A couple spots help direct you with “next tee” signs, but for the most part it’s very easy to follow anyway.

-The atmosphere at The Jungle is cool. Being from downstate, I am used to mobs of people at every course. It’s nice to get a break from that and be able to play a full round without having to be held up by anyone but yourself or your own group. I’m serious when I say that I’ve played here about 10 times and never once had to wait for anyone at a hole. It’s also located by a very nice lake and beach. Almost every time I play here, I’ll toss a Buzzz around on the beach before or after the round.

Hole #5 Basket

-As far as the layout and design goes, it’s challenging! If your one of those people who play all par 3’s, you could be in for a long round. The birdies will come far and few. Besides the couple possible ace runs, you will need perfect drive placements and honest putts on mostly every hole to come out with a good score. Surprisingly at a place called “The Jungle”, the great challenge isn’t really even from “pinball” type holes. Even though there are a few pinball runs, a lot of holes have an open cut fairway with scattered guardian trees near the basket. IMO, most of the challenge is incorporated from sharp angles and the un-forgivingness of misplaced drives that go in the rough. This course does not favor one throwing style over the other either, It was made to challenge EVERYONE.

-The fun factor here isn’t anything amazing. Honestly I could see this course making more people mad than happy, lol. But on the flip side, if you do end up throwing well, you would certainly feel like you accomplished something really good. Another thing that might hurt the fun factor is a lack of a signature hole. There are a couple that play down by the lake and make for nice scenery, but nothing that will really stick in your mind as “Your favorite hole of all time”. Don’t let me make it sounds like it’s no fun though, just tough. I do like the way the elevation was utilized here. There might not be any huge hills, but they incorporated what they had the best they could. A few elevated tees and fairways add to the fun factor.

-Not too many negatives about this course that I can really dwell on. To me, the challenge is never a negative, but I could see a lot of people getting frustrated here if they didn't have their game fully down. Besides that, there is a little bit of standing water during the wet season. But it’s nothing you can loose your disc in, or even get soaked trying to play your lie in. And the park has done a great job in making some man made canals for the water to run off in on many of the holes.


-{}-  I rate this course a 3.75 out of 5  -{}-

-{}-  My rating system is based off a personal preference scale. I mainly determine my ratings from things such as, course amenities, overall design, fun factor, atmosphere, and maintenance. The challenge of the course is considered too, but doesn't always help/hurt the overall rating.  -{}-