Discraft Meteor Review


DescriptionLong, dependable understable mid-range

Pros – Holds an understable line forever

Cons – None

Compares to – Innova Stingray

Full Review:

When you go to disc golf forums (shameless plug) you read a lot of threads about "Underrated Discs". Well, it does not get much more underrated than the Discraft Meteor. This understable mid-range comes from a long line of solid mids from Discraft.

I picked up a Discraft Meteor a while back when I was looking to add an understable mid-range to my arsenal. I had thrown Innova Stingrays with a lot of success, but I wanted to give something else a try. At first throw, you'll notice the Meteor gets amazing distance, even at less than full speed. I would actually feel comfortable throwing mine as a driver on some shorter holes.  Unlike some "understable" mids that fade back to hyzer after a while, I find that the Meteor holds a really nice line for as long as you want it to, making it a clutch disc for difficult shots.

The versatility of the Meteor is a plus too. I've actually started using it about 50/50 with my beloved Buzzz.  The Meteor can be an unbelievably straight flier, much like it's "0" rated counterparts (Comet).  I handed one to Mrs. Disc Golf Traveler (who is what I would call a beginner) last month and she immediately sink a 100 ft shot...she has since stolen the disc from me.

I will definitely be picking up a replacement in ESP plastic as soon as possible...you should too if you demand consistency from the mid-range golf discs in your bag.

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