Latitude 64 Halo Review

Latitude is making a huge splash in the disc golf market.  One of the greatest qualities of their discs are their durability.  The Gold line plastic is best compared to Innova’s Star plastic and Discrafts’ ESP.  In my opinion, the Gold line crushes both Star and ESP in the durability and grip categories.  Latitude also makes discs in an Opto line plastic.  This compares to Innova’s Champion plastic and Discrafts’ Z line.  Again, the Opto line plastic lasts longer and has a greater grip than the competition.  I’ve been throwing an Opto Riot for 3 years now and it has worn about the same as a few month old Champion Beast.

Gold line Halo

Gold line Halo


Enough about the plastic, let’s talk about the Halo.  The Halo is a speed 13 driver that really lives up to the speed 13 name.  I find the Halo to be more over stable than my Nuke.  I can flick the halo in a dead straight line and it had a nice hard fade for me at the end.  I normally don’t throw this for a back hand, but when I do it flies over stable as well.  It will make a very small s-curve when thrown full power.  I find that I can’t throw the Halo as far as my Nuke or Boss, but I love to flick this baby out in long wooded holes where I need a nice hard fade to the right.  I know that when I throw the Halo right, it will do what I need it to.  Something that I find with this disc is that it tends to rise when throwing it.

I would recommend this disc to someone who is looking for a disc in between a Boss and a Nuke.  If you are turning over a Nuke or just want something with a little more fade, go for the Halo.  If you haven’t held any of the Latitude 64 plastic, you need to go out and try some right away.  I lost my Gold line Halo under the ice and snow this winter and it sat there for 2 months.  I got back and it flew exactly as it did before.  If you are looking for a new distance driver, think about the Halo.  Whenever looking for a new disc, I will always see what Latitude 64 has to offer because I know their discs are made with some of the highest quality plastic out there.

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