Innova Katana Review

Description - A super-fast, ultra-long distance driver

Pros - Unreal distance for intermediate or pro-level arms

Cons - Not for new players

Compares to- More controllable Boss

There was a time when a "13 speed" driver from Innova was with the advent of the Boss and Groove most disc golfers are a little more skeptical of what these flashy new drivers have to offer. Another high speed disc for power-challenged disc golfers? Before we give into the hype, let's see what this one has to offer.

Innova says the Katana is designed for the "finesse thrower". (I think we all know what they mean)   The disc is designed to fly nice and straight right out of the box. I've seen others describe it as a sidewinder on steroids. In other words, it flies like a controllable fairway driver with much more speed. It will start out understable enough to forgive release errors, then glide for a long while until it's natural finish to the left (for RHBH players).

In my opinion, the Katana might be able to give lesser arms a slight boost in distance. However, considering the massively wide rim, there will be a big learning curve in throwing this disc ( but isn't that always the case with a new mold?) Either way, you won't be adding 100ft to your drives.

The bottom line is, if you have good technique you might find the new super-fast, super-straight driver to your liking. However, the Katana will not turn a newbie into a pro matter how big the hype.  While disc junkies will probably go out and pick one up right away, there is no need to camp out overnight at your local disc shop. This disc is a nice addition to Innova's lineup, but not a game changer.

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