Innova vs. Discraft … the Battle Rages On

They are the two juggernauts of the disc golf world: Innova Golf and Discraft Golf.  While Innova Disc Golf still remains the King of big box retailers, Discraft is slowly gaining prominence among disc golfers around the country...and the world. If you troll around internet disc golf forums you will find that loyalties are fierce to either company. While there are those (present company included)  that throw discs from a variety of manufacturers, a vast majority of players are either Innova golf or Discraft golf fan-boys.  Why such partisanship? It's difficult to tell.

The latest craze among disc golf manufacturers are discs that are super fast and beginner-friendly. Disc golfers are going nuts, gobbling up Innova Golf's new Katana. On the other hand, Discraft Golf's new Nuke driver has been selling out all over internet disc golf retailers.

To me this appears to be a sign of things to come, especially as other manufacturers like Ching, Gateway, Latitude 64, and others start to gain bigger pieces of the market share. As competition becomes more fierce between the big guys (Innova and Discraft) you can expect to see longer, faster drivers and new plastics. While the hype machine will certainly be in full swing, new gear is never a bad thing for disc golf enthusiasts. I am personally looking forward to the new colors, shapes, sizes, and molds coming from Innova golf and Discraft golf over the next few years.