Innova Valkyrie Review

Are you an improving disc golfer looking to upgrade to a long distance driver? If so, the Innova Valkyrie may be just the disc you are looking for. The "Valk" as it is sometimes known, provides superior high speed turn that makes it easy to throw at high speeds...even for beginners.

As a disc golf beginner, you probably stacked your bag with super-straight drivers (Innova Orc, Leopard) designed to fly wherever your wrist turned. With enough practice you could get these discs to travel completely straight.  However, after some time at your local disc golf course you probably realized that the guys with the big arms were not just throwing straight.  Then you decided to upgrade to a different distance driver...

It happened to me some time ago and one driver that was recommended to me was the Innova Valkyrie. I took to it immediately because it was so easy to throw. Unlike some more "advanced" discs that go way overstable when you throw too hard, the Valkyrie will resist that right-to-left motion (for right-handers).  This understable action makes the Innova Valk a really nice distance driver for intermediate players.

Pros also love to use the Innova Valkyrie as a turn over or roller disc. Its understable tendencies make it a perfect fit for such shots.

The versatility of the Valk makes it a great disc for intermediate to pro-level players. If you are frustrated with your lack of distance this could be a great driver to go pick up.

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Discraft Predator Review

One glaring "hole" in my disc golf bag was the lack of an overstable distance driver.  I found myself sacrificing distance by throwing  hyzers on drives that required  right-to-left movement.  There were even a few occasions where  I had discs land too hard on a hyzer and skip 100ft+ past the basket (very frustrating). An overstable disc would definitely come in handy in such a situation.

After doing on research on various forums and websites I decided to purchase a Discraft Predator driver in ESP plastic. This is a favorite of one of the world's great players - Nate Doss.  He, along with other pros have described it as a dependable overstable driver that is great in the wind and on uphill drives.

I must admit that after throwing so many "beginner" drivers (Surge SS, Avenger SS, Innova Leopard) the Pred at first felt a little bit difficult to manage. Just as advertised, it is extremely overstable. However, once I began to let it out of my hand on a  bit of an anhyzer I was able to control my drives with much more ease. In fact, it has begun to replace my Surge SS on many shots where I need to make a long shot on a narrow fairway. With the Predator, I can pick my spot and place it there on a consistent basis. What more could you ask for from a distance driver?

I am still blown away by the predictability of the Predator.  When beginners think "overstable" they tend to think unpredictable. This could not be further from the truth with the Pred. In actuality, once you get used to throwing such an understable disc, it becomes easy to spot. The lines it takes are very consistent and it just won't turn over! No wonder so many pros rely on this disc out of the tee box.

As far as distance goes I was very pleased with the Predator. I don't have a particularly big arm, but I can get this one up to about 300-350 feet without maximum effort. Obviously, it finishes with an extreme right-to-left .  However, when thrown correctly this will not detract too much from the length of your drive.

To sum things up, this disc will definitely have a spot in my bag. While it won't replace my more stable drivers, having a driver that can handle a dogleg left or get around a tricky hazard on a drive will prove invaluable down the road. You owe it to yourself to throw this disc. No matter what your style of play, you will likely find a place in your bag for the Discraft Predator.

The Good:

- Very predictable flights

- Will not turn over!

- Gets consistent distance compared to less stable drivers

The Not-So-Good:

- Beginners will have trouble adjusting to the extremely overstable flight

- It probably won't replace your more moderately stable distance drivers

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Discraft XL Review

Up in the northeast most of our disc golf courses are loaded with trees, low lying limbs, and narrow fairway corridors. Many of my long-distance drivers would snag a tree or get caught up in a bush at the slightest misfire. Even my "SS" (super straight) drivers would end up making a nice easy hyzer...right into  thick brush. While these over stable and under stable discs have their place up here in Maryland, my frustrations with some of the holes up here led me to pursue a dependable driver that I can throw straight and steady...even down the tightest fairway.

While the Discraft XL Driver will certainly not be your farthest flying driver, it could end up being your most reliable when accuracy is a must. After all...there's no shame in taking the easy 3 (well...sometimes).

I picked this disc up while I was down in Clearwater, FL and tried it out at the Cliff Stephens Disc Golf Course (which I later found out was Ken Climo's home course). It ended up being an extremely useful driver on just about half the holes I played.  I have to admit I am a little gun shy when it comes to water hazards. From shot #1 this disc gave me so much confidence  that I ended up using it whenever water came into play (which if quite a bit at Cliff Stephens). I even ended up using it on an island green hole on the back 9 (how's that for confidence in a new disc?).

The Discraft XL Elite X driver holds just about any line you give it. It will fly straight as an arrow when released completely level, then finish ever to slightly to a hyzer. When given a little anhyzer action on a throw it will gently hold its position until it settles slowly on the ground. This brings me to my next point about the is one of the slower flying drivers I have thrown. This works well on your shorter drives where a mid-range just won't go long enough. It almost reminds me of a Buzzz or Roc on steriods. All the control with just a little extra distance.

Obviously the Discraft XL Driver will not replace your long-flying drivers such as a Surge, Wraith, Pred, or whatever your primary driver is. However, you just might find yourself reaching for one when you need to get through a narrow fairway, patch of trees, or precarious water hazard.  The Discraft XL Driver is quickly becoming my go-to disc for situations where I NEED a straight shot and don't feel bad about sacrificing distance.  Beginners will like it for its predictability and control on any drive. Pros will love it for use as a utility disc in specific situations.


The Good:

- Flies straight as an arrow

- Holds just about any line you give it

- Flies to a slow and easy glide


The Not-So-Good:

- Will not fly as far as most distance drivers (but don't always need it do)



- Absolutely...for all skill levels.

- A MUST have for beginners


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