Innova Monarch Review

Description - A super understable driver with almost no fade

Pros - Flies straight as an arrow when given a hyzer

Cons - Will be too flippy unless thrown correctly

Compares to - Faster Roadrunner, same glide as a Wraith

I got the opportunity to visit some family in Tampa, which has some of my favorite disc golf courses in the country. I stopped by the famous Clearwater Disc Golf store to take a look and ended up with a 163 g Innova Monarch. I took it with me to near-by Cliff Stephens Disc Golf Course to throw a round.

I used the Monarch as my primary driver on several holes (until it went straight into a pond...but that's another post).  I was astounded with how understable the disc was right "out of the box". I hyzered it pretty hard and it never faded back. The Monarch flew as straight as an arrow and landed gently about 20 ft. from the first hole. I was sold.

Obviously, the Monarch is also a great turn-0ver disc. Pros will find it to be a very useful roller disc as well.  However, I have never come across a more beginner friendly driver. I would have a hard time imagining anyone who couldn't throw a straight drive with the Monarch.  In fact, as soon as I got home I texted a newbie friend and told him, "Dude, you need to pick up an Innova Monarch!". Let's hope he does.

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Innova Katana Review

Description - A super-fast, ultra-long distance driver

Pros - Unreal distance for intermediate or pro-level arms

Cons - Not for new players

Compares to- More controllable Boss

There was a time when a "13 speed" driver from Innova was with the advent of the Boss and Groove most disc golfers are a little more skeptical of what these flashy new drivers have to offer. Another high speed disc for power-challenged disc golfers? Before we give into the hype, let's see what this one has to offer.

Innova says the Katana is designed for the "finesse thrower". (I think we all know what they mean)   The disc is designed to fly nice and straight right out of the box. I've seen others describe it as a sidewinder on steroids. In other words, it flies like a controllable fairway driver with much more speed. It will start out understable enough to forgive release errors, then glide for a long while until it's natural finish to the left (for RHBH players).

In my opinion, the Katana might be able to give lesser arms a slight boost in distance. However, considering the massively wide rim, there will be a big learning curve in throwing this disc ( but isn't that always the case with a new mold?) Either way, you won't be adding 100ft to your drives.

The bottom line is, if you have good technique you might find the new super-fast, super-straight driver to your liking. However, the Katana will not turn a newbie into a pro matter how big the hype.  While disc junkies will probably go out and pick one up right away, there is no need to camp out overnight at your local disc shop. This disc is a nice addition to Innova's lineup, but not a game changer.

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Innova Teebird Review

The Innova Teebird is a slightly overstable fairway driver that delivers big-time glide. While it will not be the furthest flier in your bag, it will definitely deliver a straight flight when accuracy is at a premium.

Think "fairway driver" is just a fancy term for a beginner disc?  You would be wrong. The Innova Tee Bird can deliver crucial accuracy on holes that don't require tons of distance.  I use mine on holes that have long narrow fairways. When I can't bomb a distance driver for a sweet "S" curve (like my Wraith), I reach for my Teebird because I know it will get me straight through would-be obstacles.

As is the case with most high-glide discs, the Teebird will get pushed around a little in the wind. However, on a calm day the Teebird will glide and glide, then glide some more. Did I mention it gets tons of glide?

Are you a fan of the Discraft XL or similar "fairway driver"? If so, the Teebird might be a disc to look into.  It may not break any distance records, but you'll probably be able to put it wherever you need or sneak it down a narrow fairway or two.

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Innova Sidewinder Review

In Disc Golf, as in many sports, getting great distance on your throws is all about technique - not power. You don't need to spend hours at the gym, or throw your back out on the course to throw long, accurate drives.Well...having the right disc helps too. If you don't have the world's biggest arm, the Innova Sidewinder Driver might be worth a shot.  I have found that it can give just about anyone great distance with minimal effort.

The Sidewinder has been called the "King" of the Flex-Hyzer shot. In case you are not familiar with this term, the shot is made by throwing an understable disc at a hyzer angle, then letting the disc naturally flip to anhyzer and finish it's flight. The result can be an ultra-long glide. As the Sidewinder's name may suggest, it is great at these "S" shaped flight patterns. Furthermore, because the hyzer is the most natural/easy shot for beginners to throw, it is a great driver for those newer to the game.

I have also seen the sidewinder be used as a roller disc,  so even those with big arms might just have a use for it in their bags.  Either way, the Sidewinder is an understable flier capable of elevating just about anyone's game.

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Innova Beast Review

I remember my first round of disc golf like it was yesterday. I strolled up to my local disc guru who sells just about every disc you can think of. I asked him to hook me up with a set of beginner discs. The three discs that he handed me were the Innova Aviar putter, Discraft Buzzz Mid-Range, and the Innova Beast. He told me the Beast was a perfect driver for beginners. Little did I know I would be throwing one of these bad-boys for years to come.

The Beast was one of the first wide-rimmed drivers to hit disc golf courses. It feels great in your hand and will give you a consistent feeling release. The Beast also provides great speed without sacrificing control. Just a couple notches down from the Katana speed-wise, but with similar attributes. The secret to the Beast is that it is relatively understable at high speeds. Beginners can let it rip and not worry about turning the disc over, while pros can throw it below the shoulder and let it travel forever.

I've seen several disc golfers start out learning on the beast and never give it up. Go ahead and read up on some pro's who have done the same thing.

The Beast is just one of those timeless discs that will never go out of style.

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Innova SL Review (Star Plastic)

The Innova SL, while certainly not the most talked about disc golf driver on the market, definitely deserves some consideration for a place in your bag. It won't fly quite as long as a full speed Wraith, but for those of us without a huge arm the extra glide makes the SL a worth while disc.

I am a really big fan of Innova drivers. The Wraith is my go-to driver for most shots. I find that I can throw it for more distance and consistency than most other discs I have tried. However, I was still lacking a consistent understable driver in my arsenal...that's why I picked up the SL.
The SL is one of the more understable long-range drivers from Innova. When given a slight anhyzer it will hold a nice line then slowly fade to a hyzer. The result is a really sweet "S" curve that doesn't finish too harshly...and gets tons of distance.

For those with a bigger arm, the SL could make a great long anhyzer driver. For those who max out at 300-350 ft. this driver could give you some extra glide and distance.
While the SL certainly doesn't have the name recognition of a Valkyrie, Beast, or Wraith, it could be well on its way to achieving status as a driver with tons of glide and a straight, easy flight pattern.

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Discraft Surge Driver Review

Attention Innova throwers (present company included): I know you are in love with your Wraith, Valkyrie, SL, or whatever driver you currently throw, but have you picked up a Discraft Surge lately? While Discraft has not been known for their drivers in the past, The Surge might be worth your while.

The Surge is a favorite among world champion Disc Golfer, Nate Doss. In fact, you can buy a signature "Nate Doss Surge".
What makes this disc such a favorite among pros is the fact that even those with big arms will get great distance and glide without turning over. You can think of the Surge like Discraft's version of the Innova Wraith...a long driver with good stability and glide (I have even seen people throw the Surge farther than the Wraith).
If you have been turned off by Discraft drivers in the past the Surge just might be the one to get you throwing more than just Innova (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Oh yeah...and the Surge is available in all plastics that Discraft offers.

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Discraft Stalker Review

The Stalker is the newest addition to Discraft's line of distance drivers.  While it may not be the most flashy or far flying driver in your disc golf bag, it will almost certainly find a place in your game. Think of the Discraft Stalker like a super-charged Buzzz. It will hold any line you give it and keep going longer than any mid-range.

I absolutely love the Discraft Buzzz. It is the most dependable disc in my bag. When I heard about the Stalker I was immediately intrigued by its comparisons to the Buzzz. A driver that flies like a mid? I needed to try it out.

The early reports of the Discraft Stalker were pretty much as advertised. It makes a great driver when accuracy is a must. It will keep any line you put on it and finish nice and smooth. I was equally impressed with the distance I squeezed out of the Stalker. Often times, straight-flying drivers tend to be very short. This was not the case with the Stalker. It flew very long, especially considering how easy it is to control

Overall, the Stalker would be a great addition to any disc golf bag. It makes a great driver for those just learning the game, or a nice dependable fairway driver for experts. Think of the Discraft Stalker like a perfect mid-range/driver hybrid.

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Innova Destroyer Review

When I started throwing an Innova Wraith some time ago I immediately became hooked on its winning combination of distance, stability, and fade.  The Innova Destroyer is similar, but with slightly more speed and a little more stability. If you are a player with a big arm this could be a great driver for you, especially in windy conditions.

Innova describes the Destroyer as a "Stable to Overstable" distance driver. This natural inclination to turn makes it an ideal disc to cut through headwinds. Those of you who play on open courses that tend to be windy courses will appreciate this flight pattern.

The Innova Destroyer isn't only for windy days. Advanced players will find that it gives great distance for any thrower with a big arm. While the Destroyer is harder to control than a Wraith, disc golfers will find the extra distance worth the trouble.

For beginners, I would definitely recommend picking up a Wraith, Valkyrie, or even a Leopard before graduating to the Destroyer. Such discs will give you superior control, especially if you consistently throw less than 300ft.

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Innova Boss Review

When Innova first started promoting the "Boss 13 Speed Distance Driver" there was a great deal of hype surrounding the disc. It was touted as the ultimate distance driver...super fast, great in the wind, and very long. Now that it has been on the market for a while reviews are starting to pour in. So is this disc a real game changer?

The Innova Boss is certainly a disc for advanced players. In fact, on the Innova website it even declares that the Boss is not for players who throw less than 300ft.  Such players will likely get way too much low speed fade (finishing to the far left for righties) to control this disc.

However, for advanced players the Boss does offer a really long and consistent flight path. It has just a touch of high speed turn to help maximize distance for those with big arms. It will fade dependably at low speeds, especially if you have the arm to maximize this disc's potential.

Overall, is this a revolutionary disc? Probably not, but it will provide advanced disc golfers with a nice option for a primary long distance driver. Amateurs beware: wait until you can throw your Valkyrie or Orc for maximum distance before giving this one a shot.

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