Innova Destroyer Review

When I started throwing an Innova Wraith some time ago I immediately became hooked on its winning combination of distance, stability, and fade.  The Innova Destroyer is similar, but with slightly more speed and a little more stability. If you are a player with a big arm this could be a great driver for you, especially in windy conditions.

Innova describes the Destroyer as a "Stable to Overstable" distance driver. This natural inclination to turn makes it an ideal disc to cut through headwinds. Those of you who play on open courses that tend to be windy courses will appreciate this flight pattern.

The Innova Destroyer isn't only for windy days. Advanced players will find that it gives great distance for any thrower with a big arm. While the Destroyer is harder to control than a Wraith, disc golfers will find the extra distance worth the trouble.

For beginners, I would definitely recommend picking up a Wraith, Valkyrie, or even a Leopard before graduating to the Destroyer. Such discs will give you superior control, especially if you consistently throw less than 300ft.

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