Calvert Road Park – Course Review

Just off of the campus of the University of Maryland lies a disc golf course that is ideal for players who are new to the game.  The Calvert Road Park Disc Golf Course offers players a  small, straight forward, no-frills experience. While beginners will like the course for it's playability, more advanced players will become bored with the lack of variety  from hole to hole.

The Calvert Road Park Disc Golf Course in College Park, MD is only miles from the beltway, making it an easy trip for just about anyone in the DC metro area (if traffic holds up).  This theme of convenience comes through in the course design, which is very tight and small.  In fact, the Calvert Road Disc Golf Course is the first one I have been to where you can actually see every hole at once!  The entire course is laid out on a rectangular piece of land, making for some interesting positives and negatives.

On the positive side, a group of four can play an entire round in about 1.5 hours. You and your friends don't need to kill the entire day hiking across an expansive course. Everything is laid out nicely. Along those same lines, there few obstacles to be met besides the occasional cluster of trees.  Because of the lack of shrubbery, dense vegetation, and water hazards, my group spend little to no time searching for lost discs.

That's not to say this course doesn't have challenges...they just happen to be few and far between. The various holes do force you to throw a variety of shots including long anhyzers and hyzers. This is done through some large trees and mandatory markers. While you might want to throw your normal straight drive, these obstacles often force you to re-think your shot. This is a touch that I definitely appreciated as far as course design goes.

On the negative side, this course does get frustratingly monotonous. As you can see from my pictures, none of the holes are particularly memorable. They all feature  nicely manicured and marked tee pads,  open fairways,  and lots of trees. ...and that's it. Honestly, I don't really even recall any particular holes in vivid detail.

Finally, this course features the tightest layout I have ever seen.  Generally, there are at least 2 baskets visible from each tee pad. Opposite fairways often touch each other and sometimes even the putting areas are remarkably close to one another.  As you can imagine, this can create quite a bit of  havoc on busy days.

Overall, the Calvert Road Park Disc Golf Course in College Park, MD is a fine place to kill an hour on a round of 18. Beginners might  find the ease of this course comforting,  but anyone who has been playing disc golf for some time will grow quickly frustrated with the lack of imagination at this course. While it is sometimes necessary to throw a hyzer or anhyzer drive, there is far too little challenge here for a seasoned player.

The Good:

  • Nicely marked holes and concrete tee boxes
  • A large group can play this course in a little over an hour
  • Some interesting shots are necessary

The Not-So-Good:

  • Very little variety
  • Few challenges to be had
  • Many holes overlap and intersect

Recommended Discs

  • Discraft Surge SS - Great driver  for any shot can fly straight, hyzer, or anhyzer (click for a review)
  • Innova Roc - Lots of short holes...a good mid will come in handy

-Happy Disc Golf Travels