Discraft Avenger SS Review

If you read through the archives of this blog it become apparent that I am a big fan of Discraft discs.  Just about all the golf discs in my bag are of this make. While I do carry an Innova Roc and a few others, most of my go to discs are indeed Discraft (Surge SS, Buzzz, Rattler, etc.). The other day however, I got my hands on a Discraft Avenger SS and did not enjoy the experience.  No matter how many times I threw it I kept getting the same result:  The Avenger SS was not "super straight" as advertised, rather it faded into a mean hyzer on every drive. This is a disc I definitely wish I left on the shelf.

What's the point of producing a "super straight" disc if you can't throw it straight? That's a great question that i wish Discraft would have answered before putting out the Avenger SS in FLX plastic. I tried...I really tried to get consistently straight drives but I just couldn't do it. Before you become skeptical of my results, keep in mind I do swear by another "SS" disc - the Discraft Surge SS (FLX).  This is why I am so puzzled by my experience with the Avenger SS. On just about every drive (high, low, fast, slow) this disc quickly faded into a nasty hyzer and dive-bombed from right to left. I had almost no success in driving with this disc despite several attempted adjustments to my throwing motion.

If you are looking for a true straight max-distance driver, pick up a Discraft Surge SS. It flies remarkably straight and long. If you would like to read a full review, click on my archives or search for it. Why do these discs fly so differently? The only significant difference I can see are the profiles of the discs themselves. The Avenger SS (which I did not enjoy throwing) has a very low profile, whereas the Sure SS (which I love) has a very "dome-like" appearance. How/why does this alter flight patterns? I am not sure. One thing I do know however, is that from my perspective the Surge SS is vastly superior to the Avenger SS.

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