Golf Disc Review: Your One-Stop Site

So how do we review all of these golf discs? This is a question we get asked often as

We do our best so that each golf disc review is as accurate as possible. Being golf disc junkies, we tend to throw lots of discs. We tend to pick up a couple of all the new discs that enter the market each month. Every golf disc review is written with a few things in mind:

  • What is the best use for the disc?
  • Does it fly as advertised?
  • How will it beat in and change over time?
  • Is this golf disc recommended for beginners?
  • Would we recommend the disc?

Honestly, we haven't meet many discs we don't like to throw.  Although we certainly have our personal preferences, each golf disc review is written with every disc golfer in mind. Please feel free to browse through all of our reviews. Make comments, email us with your own review to post on our site.

Don't see your favorite disc? Email us to submit your own review...we'll even give you a shout out.

The feedback has been great so far for our little golf disc review site/blog. We are getting almost 10 hits a day on our little site just for the Innova Katana! As our disc golf site grows we look forward to having even more participation in our forum.  If you haven't registered yet go ahead and introduce yourself. We look forward to having you back!