Disc Golf Traveler Now Under New Management

I'm happy to announce the Disc Golf Traveler is under new management!

As a professional Internet marketer and an avid disc golfer myself, I was extremely excited at the opportunity to acquire this great website so that I can continue where the former owner left off - providing well written and easy to understand disc reviews, tutorials and news.

I want to thank the former owner, Ron C. for putting a ton of time and effort into making this site great. I wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.

As for the future of Disc Golf Traveler, I have a TON of plans for making this site the go-to spot for disc golf news and reviews.

First off, there will be a LOT more reviews coming your way. There are a ton of discs that still haven't been covered here, and I don't plan to rest until every major disc has been fully tested and reviewed.

Second, I plan to vastly expand the beginner's section, with the hope of eventually making it a full, comprehensive guide for beginners, consolidated within 1 page. This will include disc selection, definition of basic terms, beginner tutorials and more.

I plan on expanding the number of course reviews available. I live in Minnesota, where we are fortunate to have an ample variety of great disc golf courses. I plan on reviewing many of them myself, and I hope that users will contribute reviews of their own local courses to be published here. More on that soon.

Some of you might notice the forum is no longer available. I have decided to at least temporarily take the forum down. I may decide in the future to add a new, better forum. It depends on how things go. For now, I strongly recommend that everyone use the comments area on blog posts for discussion and I definitely encourage everyone to participate - or at least stop by and say hi!

Again, I just want to say thanks to the previous owner and thanks in advance to fans of this site for your continued support!

- Sam



  1. Nick F says:

    Congrats on the website bruh I look forward to reading disc reviews and all other things disc golf~Nick F

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