Disc Golf Frisbees?

If you are looking for disc golf reviews follow the link to read our write-ups of some of disc golf's most popular discs.

But should you call them frisbee golf discs?  Probably not. Purists of the sport of disc golf refrain from using the word "Frisbee Golf" because frisbee refers to the actual brand name, which is not usually used in disc golf.

Disc golf discs are much more specialized than the standard frisbee. Disc golf drivers are much thinner and faster than the typical fribee you would throw at the beach.  The closest disc golf relative to the classic frisbee would be a putter. Disc golf putters are thicker, rounder, and fly much slower than other discs.

Disc golf, frisbee golf...it doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you get out and play!