Innova Wraith Review

Looking for amazing distance on your drives? Looking for a golf disc that feels great coming out of your hand? Well, you may have found what you are searching for in the Innova Wraith Distance Driver (Star Plastic). This baby flat out bombs and provides just enough stability to get you the flight path you crave.

Let's start with the grip on the Innova Wraith (Star Plastic).  It feels nice and grippy in your hand without being soft. I immediately took to the way it came out of my hand, even at full power. It has a nice wide rim which makes for controlled drives.

The Innova Wraith comes in a number of different plastics, but the one I threw was the Star Wraith, Innova's top line plastic. It is super durable. Even after hitting several trees it came out with hardly a blemish. This means that it will stay true to its original flight path longer than cheaper DX plastics.  On the other hand, it will take longer to "beat in" and get that understable flight path that is common of broken in discs.

Now, distance is there the Innova Wraith (Star Plastic) really shines. It is stable enough that it won't immediately turn over, but not too overstable. If thrown correctly it will make a beautiful "S" curve and give you an additional 20'-50' over your current drives. Think of it like an Innova Orc on steroids. I have spoken to several disc golfers that swear by the Innova Wraith to get that extra distance that they have been longing for.

Ready for an upgrade to a more "pro" style distance driver? The Innova Wraith in Star Plastic might be your next purchase. It is grippy, durable, and most importantly LOOOONG. A favorite among pros, this disc will likely give anyone that extra distance on their drives that is so hard to come by.

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  1. James Madsen says:

    This is my disc I use when I need a nice strait shot. I love the star plastic because of its durability and the Wraith is a natural strait flier such an awesome disc!

  2. Eugee says:

    I just picked up a Blizzard Champion Wraith this morning to play Water Works Park in Kansas City; I loved it. I went in the shop looking at picking up a Boss or Katana, and the owner talked me down to a Wraith until someone can let me try a few throws with a Boss. Turns out I don’t quite have the power to make a Boss work yet.

    My first forearm with the Wraith flew like a laser, no break at all.

    Three more holes and I keep ending up throwing lasers every throw, EXPECTING a fade on the end and not getting them.

    Finally on the 11th hole I focused on really snapping that backhand instead of power, and I got a beautiful glide out of it, slight drift right then a pronounced fade back across the left, and hit the pin below the basket! Really liking this disc!


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