Vibram Ridge Review

Vibram is fairly new to the disc golf scene and making a big mark.  Currently, they have a line of putters (V.P., Ridge, and Summit), a fairway driver (Ascent), and more discs in the production/research phase.  They have taken their work with rubber for shoes and boots, and applied it to the sport of disc golf.  The use of rubber is a great idea because of the shear durability and the grip rubber offers in any weather.

My Ridge with a custom dye job.

My Ridge with a custom dye job.


The Ridge is the stable putter in the Vibram line.  It comes in 3 different rubber compounds, s-link firm, x-link, and x-link soft.  Pulling out the Ridge I immediately feel confident with the grip the rubber gives me.  The ridge lets me putt dead straight at the center of the chains and it will hit them.  I can walk up to a 30+ ft. putt and know that if I throw the ridge at the center of the chains, that putt is going in.  I can throw the ridge on an anhyzer line and it will hold it for most of its flight when thrown softly and a little high.  It has just enough stability to flatten out at the end of a nice soft shot.  The Ridge doesn’t have very much glide to it, which I like.  I know that if I miss my putt, it is not going to float 30 ft. away.

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I like to use the Ridge on short drives and approaches to the pin that require dead straight accuracy.  I will use the ridge on drives anywhere from around 250 ft.  If I drive with it and put a little bit of anhyzer on it, this baby is going to hold that line.  The ridge holds a very nice hyzer line as well.  Additionally, because it is made out of rubber, when I hit a not so occasional tree, the discs don’t have crazy kicks that fly off 200 ft. into the woods.

All in all, I love the Ridge.  It putts straight, it drives straight, it holds a great line, and it has great grip (dry and wet).  It has beat out Rhynos, Magics, the Focus, and Wizards to become my main putter.  When it comes time to putt, I have no worries about how the disc is going to fly.  I know that when I throw

the Ridge, it is going straight in.  It makes sense as to why Vibram is such a fast growing disc golf company when they make such high quality products as the Ridge.

The Ridge earned a right no other disc in my bag has, it gave me my first Ace.


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