Vibram Ascent Review

Vibram has made a name for themselves in the disc golf scene by their top of the line putters made from rubber.  Seeing how their putters are becoming more and more popular, they started to make drivers.  Their first driver is the Ascent.  It is a stable fairway driver that is perfect for wooded courses.  Like the putters, the Ascent comes in different firmnesses, x-link and x-link firm.  I have the regular x-link and man is it sweet.  I know that when I walk up to a hole where the fairway is narrow or there is no fairway that when I throw the Ascent, it will not kick off a tree hard deep into the woods.  The regular x-link just bends and flops when it hits a tree, preventing miserable kicks that would add strokes to your score.  The rubber doesn’t flop around in your hand, but only will bend and fold when hitting something hard.  It is this reason why I will never head to a course without this disc because I know I have an advantage over other players whose discs would get those bad kicks.

Vibram Ascent

Vibram Ascent

The Ascent is a very straight flying disc when thrown with some snap to it.  It is a perfect disc for shots that are around 300ft.  When thrown harder, it will make a real nice s curve.  At the end of the flight, the Ascent had a nice little fade to the end.  It’s nothing serious, just a nice little finish to the left (RHBH).  There is a decent amount of glide to the disc, so it will go for a while.

x-link bending

View of the softness of the x-link rubber on the Ascent.

When looking down the fairway, and I can only see a narrow gap and trees, I look for one disc, the Ascent.  I feel as though the Ascent in the regular x-link is a must have disc for anyone playing in the North East or on a course with tight fairways.  After watching how this disc reacts when thrown is a great thing, but watching the disc prevent strokes when hitting trees is even sweeter.

Don’t worry, even pros hit trees, so take action to help you out when you hit them.

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  1. saved my ass at pyramids 22!

  2. Dunetraveller says:

    This is my go to disk when I know I have put everything and the kitchen sink on my throw. This will usually cause a grip lock overthrow but I can depend on the hard fade to bring me right back on target. No worries on tree knocks either.

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