Latitude 64 River Review

I can’t say enough about how sweet the plastic is from Latitude.  I have the River in the Opto line plastic and it is amazing.  It has great grip, durability, and is just soft enough but still firm.  I’m hooked on Latitude discs just because of the plastic.  Now, about the River.



The River is in the control/fairway driver area.  This mean the river isn’t going to be flying the furthest for you, but you should be able to control its flight.  I would compare the River to a faster Leopard with more glide to it.  These qualities combine for a great disc when in the woods and you need a shot to stay clean.  The River doesn’t take much to get it a good ways due to the glide and it being on the under stable to stable side of the flight chart.

I use this disc for a few different shots.  I feel as though it is best for me when throwing a slow turning anhyzer flick shot that turns the whole way and will slightly fade back at the end (Using this shot and disc helped me tie for 1st place at a big tournament).  I just flick the disc nice and easy, watch it start to turn and let the glide take over and the River just carries.

Another great thing about the River is that it will hold a great line.  I really need to pay attention to my release angle because the River will leave at that angle and stay on that flight path.  This helps a lot of players because they can get that instant feedback on seeing how they threw the disc.  This can help a new player out because they learn about wrist angles and how they change disc flight.

I would recommend the River to any level player.  New players can learn a lot from throwing this disc.  Experienced players can have the pin point accuracy needed on the course.  If you are looking for a disc with glide, control, durability, and can fly pretty far, get yourself a River.

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  1. lewmaster says:

    The River is also one of my favorites. It has pretty much replaced the Leopard for me. I really like the glide it has, and it is by far one of the easiest discs to control that I have ever thrown. I have a max weight in Opto that is the main one I use and I also have 3 varying weight Gold Line Rivers as well. I love Lat 64 plastic as well and especially love the way this disc looks and feels. Overall this is a great all around disc for just about any level player.

  2. cry me a river!

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