Latitude 64 Diamond Review

The Diamond is one of the newest discs on the market from Latitude 64. It is unique in that currently it is only available in super light weights - in the 145 - 155 range. This makes it idea for anyone who has a smaller arm, women, children, and beginners.  The Diamond is an understable driver, meaning it will tend to go right when throwing RHBH. It also has great glide. Currently it is only available in Opto plastic which is Lat 64's durable plastic comparable to Innova's Champion and Discraft's Elite Z plastic lines.

I decided to go ahead and pick up a Diamond a couple weeks ago because the flight characteristics are similar to the Archangel, which is another great understable disc for beginners by Innova. The problem with the Archangel is that it is only available in DX plastic and therefore once you play a few rounds with it, the disc will get "beat in" and the flight characteristics can change quite a bit. With an already understable disc, this can be a big problem, so I see the Diamond as a durable alternative to the Archangel in a much higher quality plastic that will maintain its flight characteristics for a much longer period of time.  This disc also reminded me of the Lat 64 River, which has similar flight characteristics, but is harder to find in light weights.

The disc itself looks great and the plastic is extremely gummy feeling - more so than other Opto Lat 64 discs I have. That is one thing I really like about it. I tend to use heavier discs than the 149 gram Diamond I picked up so it is probably not a disc I will carry with me on regular occasions. Rather I will probably give them to my wife to use. The thing I probably find best about this disc is that it is super easy to hyzer flip for huge distance. This is done by releasing the disc at a gentle hyzer angle. If done correctly, the disc will straighten out and fly very far. Especially so with this disc due to the light weight and huge glide. This disc is also great for bombing on downhill shots or in a tailwind. Alternatively, since it is so light, it is not a great option for headwinds.

Overall, for newer players and players that are having trouble getting distance on their drives, this is a pretty solid disc to consider. It's a beautiful disc in a great plastic that is super easy to throw. If I didn't already have a couple lighter weight Rivers for hyzer flipping, I would actually probably carry one of these with me all the time. I would love to see Lat 64 make this in heavier weights, and in Gold Line plastic as well.

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  1. jason says:

    ” This makes it idea for anyone who has a smaller arm, women, children, and beginners. ”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Way to sound sexist.

    I tend to enjoy light, understable discs and can throw fairly far.

    And I have been playing for several years.

    And I have a penis.

    I know and have known many “big armed” guys and gals who throw understable, light discs, even in fairly windy situations. Less effort and easier to control. I throw with a tight hyzer angle anyhow, so its just adjusting the swing and amount of snap. I really like being able to control turnover shots with precision that makes the “big-arm-Ape/NukeOS” people go “wow, how the hell did you do that? I mean, it went straight for 250′…THEN it turned 10 degrees and went another 100′ before it hit the fade!”.

    The opto plastic is easier to snap than the goldline, but neither compare to the sticky-sticky gripline plastic! THAT can be a pain to not oversnap.

    I plan on picking up a Diamond very soon.

    • lewmaster says:

      I appreciate the sentiment, but I really don’t think it’s sexist at all. If you don’t think that it is a fact that light weight, understable discs are generally a good choice for beginners, women, children and people with lesser arms, then I don’t think there’s anything else to really say about it. I mean that in the most general possible sense. Obviously there are a ton of women and young people out there who can bomb a disc and throw any weight and stability. Just like there are lots of people, as you said yourself, who have big arms and still throw light discs. There are a lot of uses for this disc, it just happens to also be a disc that I would recommend for any of the above type of people.

  2. Clay says:

    I just got my 151 G Opto Diamond today, and it feels great in my hands and it really flies! I have big arms and can really throw an overstable disc with pretty good results, but this Diamond just seems to go exactly where I want it without a lot of effort. It glides well and lays down beautifully. I love it and absolutely recommend this disc to any player, especially newbies. Looks great too!

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