Innova Dart Review

Perhaps the most innovative characteristic of the Innova Dart is that it is available in bendable and grippy R-Pro plastic.  If you've never held a disc in this material you owe it to yourself to pick one up.  Try to imagine an eraser with a smooth texture...that's kind of what it's like.  The Innova Dart putt and approach golf disc is also available in DX and Star plastics.

Enough about the plastic...let's get to the disc. The Innova Dart is a putter that is designed for long "get-em" shots around 300' or less. When dealing with the Dart, it's probably better to think mid-range than putter.  In fact, you can probably throw the dart just about as long as any of your mid-range discs.  My favorite part about throwing this disc is that it really resists turning over - something other approach discs generally fail at.  As a result, the dart makes an ideal driving putter for holes less than 300ft.

The Dart won't replace your Aviar for every-day putts, but it will hold a spot in your bag for those in-between shots.  The Innova Dart is a specialty disc, but a great one at that. It glides like a dream and holds a line better than most approach discs.

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  1. Foster says:


    1. Can you tell me more about the plastic – is it similar to Discraft’s FLX? Is it durable (will it get chipped by trees or otherwise damaged by rollers, use, etc?)

    2. What is the rim like? deep/shallow? wide/thin? Is the disc “domey” – have a tall profile?

    • lewmaster says:

      Good questions. The original owner of this site actually wrote the review, but I also happen to use darts as my primary putter. Right now you can get a dart in R-Pro, Star, Echo Star and DX. I personally have a Star, Echo Star and R-Pro darts. I primarily use the Star and Echo Star darts. Both of them are pretty similar, however I find that the Echo Star dart I have seems to be more domey than the star dart. I suppose you could compare star plastic to Discraft’s FLX plastic. I would say it’s not as flexible, but at least as durable. I’ve used my 2 main darts pretty heavily and they both still look great. The rim is probably more on the shallow/wide side, so to me it feels more like a mid range. Similar to the XD or the Wedge. Probably the best thing I like about darts is they are great for approaches. I find that I have to use my mid-range a lot less as I can almost always throw a dart instead, and they are great for driving as well. I even had a buddy throwing some thumbers with my Echo Star Dart the other day and they were looking pretty good.

      Overall I can definitely recommend this disc.

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