Innova Champion Rhyno Review

I have a special attachment to the Rhyno.  It was my first putter and I have encourperated the Rhyno into a slogan for my disc golf crew, Team Raging Roid Rhyno.  I didn’t fully understand the nature of the Rhyno when I first got it, because I had just started playing.  I loved the disc, but I didn’t know how to use it to its full potential.  I knew it was a very over stable disc and I kept that in mind.

Champion Rhyno with a custom dye.

Recently I walked into my favorite disc golf store (Marshall Street Disc Golf) and walked past some of the most beautiful discs I’ve seen.  Champion Rhynos look like a diamond among rocks.  I picked one up and felt just how grippy the champion plastic felt and how soft it was.  It felt as though I was picking up a supersoft putter, but it was in champion plastic!  After holding the disc, I was sold on buying it (I walked into the shop with no intentions of buying a disc).

Back to about the flight of the disc.  The Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc.  I feel as though the Rhyno is the best approach discs out there.  You can throw this thing hard and you know it is going to fade back for you.  It will hold a straight line, it will make a nice S-curve when thrown with anhyzer, and it works for hyzers and hyzer spikes.  This is where the softness of the chapion plastic really comes in to play.  When the disc spikes in the ground or just hits the ground, it really does just die.  This is something I still can’t get over, seeing a champion disc this soft and just dying when it hits the ground.  When you have to go around something to hyzer in a putt, you shouldn’t be reaching for anything besides the Rhyno.  It will hyzer enough to make sharp cuts without being thrown up high.  The Rhyno is also a great disc for flick approaches.  You can put a decent amount of power on it and it will fly dead straight and have that same dependable fade at the end.  Something else to add to the list of positives about the Rhyno is that it has the right amount of glide.  I can line up my shot with the Rhyno and feel confident going for the basket without thinking about gliding way past the basket.  Another feature the Rhyno offers is a Thumb-Track grip on top.  This means that the rim of the disc is just raised above the inside of the disc, adding a better grip which adds control.  Just having the Rhyno in my bag gives me a confidence that I can get out of sticky situations.

Thumb-Track on the Rhyno

Thumb-Track on the Rhyno

If you are in the market for a new mid range/approach disc, you really need to get the Rhyno.   It is a true work horse on the course and can easily handle drives, approaches, and putts.  I highly recommend the Rhyno, and while you’re at it, get it in the champion plastic.  When you need something with some fade at the end of the flight, the Rhyno is a great choice.

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