Innova Aviar P&A Review: R-Pro Plastic

The Innova Aviar Putt and Approach Disc has long been one of the leading putters in the sport of disc golf. I have been throwing an original Aviar for years now and I have yet to run across a more consistent putter. The Aviar feels great in my hand and has a flawless release.

Now that the Aviar is available in R-Pro plastic, this disc will be discovered by a whole new group of disc golfers... those who prefer a flexible putter.  Developing  this new line of "R-Pro"  plastic was a great move by Innova. In my opinion, this new flexible Aviar compares very favorable to the Discraft Soft Magnet or the Super Stupid Soft Wizards by Gateway. It is sturdy enough to hold its shape when held out flat, but soft enough to hug the chains as well as any other flexible putter on the market.

Pick up an R-Pro Aviar and give it a shot. If you haven't tried out a super-flexible putter, you just might be surprised at its ability to find and stick to the target consistently.

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