Innova Skeeter Review

So about a month ago now I threw my Buzzz SS into the Rum River, leaving me wide open to try and find a new mid-range. Rather than go back to the familiar Buzzz family for a new mid disc, I decided to try some of the wide variety of Innova mid range discs available. I had read some good stuff about the Skeeter, and I like the fact that it verges on being a fairway driver/mid range/putter hybrid. With this in mind, I ordered up a Star and DX Skeeter, both in the 170s. I also ordered several other models of mid range discs including Rock, Spider, Stingray, Coyote and Mako. They all arrived pretty much around the same time, I tried the Skeeter out first, and ever since I have pretty much been in love with it to the point where I haven't hardly even used any of the other Mids I picked up.

The thing I really like about the Skeeter is it is truly an all purpose disc. I have played a couple courses where I have shot almost all my shots with the same Skeeter, regardless of whether it was a drive, approach or putt. I'm a relatively newer player and am still working on perfecting my drive. The Skeeter is probably the most controllable disc I have found for driving with. It's not going to break any distance records, but you can put it on a line and get a predictable finish, and for newer players like myself, I find it to be very helpful for working on my form and showing me results when my release and form are on point. You can also use the Skeeter for putting. Personally, I still prefer my Dart for many putts, but the Skeeter works surprisingly well. It's also especially helpful for those putts where you don't really want to use a mid range, but might not necessarily want to use a putter either.

As far as mid range shots go, I really love the Skeeter. I have been getting more accurate approaches with it than just about any other disc I've used since I started playing disc golf. It has a nice straight flight pattern coupled with a predictable finish AND it has more distance than many other mids that I've tried which allows me to keep the fairway driver in the bag and use the Skeeter for my second shot off of a drive on a long hole or bad first shot. AND as I mentioned before, it's also great as a driver and if you're playing a course with a lot of shorter holes, you may finding yourself driving with the Skeeter quite a bit. I don't have the kind of range that some people do, but I feel pretty comfortable driving with a Skeeter on any holes that are 250 feet or less. More experienced players with better distance could probably easily get another 100 feet out of one.

I also had a DX Skeeter which I did not use nearly as much. I only played one round with it before losing it (that's another story), so I can't give an extremely accurate review of how it flies in comparison to a Star Skeeter, but from the limited amount of throws I did use it for, I found the flight pattern to be slightly less predictable than the Star Skeeter. I did just pick up another first run DX Skeeter from a nearby Play it Again Sports the other day and I plan to beat it in really good to get a better feel for how a DX, especially beat in DX Skeeter flies.

Last but not least, I have noticed that the Skeeter is available in weights as low as 150 grams, and I intend to pick one up at that weight and try it out. It might be useful for longer shots on calm days. I'm excited to see how it stacks against the heavier Star model I have now.

Overall, I highly recommend this disc. Especially great for new players, but I could definitely see it being worthy of a spot in just about anyone's bag.

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  1. Skid Mark says:

    Don’t know if I got hold of a lame skeeter or what, but I couldn’t have been less happy with mine. I don’t have a huge arm (able to throw 350 regularly on drives) but I was turning the skeeter over, even when thrown with a hyzer. I absolutely loved the way it felt in my hand but completely hated its unusable flight. Bought a ti buzzz the day after buying the skeeter and am totally satisfied with its sweet, straight flight.

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