Innova Roc Review

If you have played any more than one round of disc golf in your life, the chances are you have seen a few Innova Rocs. This versatile mid-range disc from Innova has been a staple in thousands of pro and amateur bags for decades ....for a reason. The Innova Roc is unbelievably predictable with a slightly overstable finish. I've seen disc golfers drive, approach, and putt with this disc. If you forced a disc golfer to play a round with only one disc, the chances are he/she would choose an Innova Roc.

I must admit after being a long-time Discraft Buzzz thrower I found it difficult to break down and purchase a Roc. However, after hearing so many good things I could not resist. When I threw one in my first round I was immediately impressed. This is a disc that does whatever you want it to right out of the box (so to speak). Brand new it will fly nice and straight and finish to a hyzer. Once broken in it will fly straight as an arrow when released on an even plane.

Players with big arms will use the Innova Roc as a 250'-300' driver. Newer players will love how predictably it approaches the basket for shorter distances. Many players will carry several Rocs, all at different levels of wear for a variety situations. However you use the Innova Roc I am willing to bet that it will be a welcome addition to your bag.

No matter what your skill level, if you aren't throwing an Innova Roc what are you waiting for? It is a classic for a reason. Just go ahead and check almost every disc golf bag on the planet!

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