Wide-Rimmed Drivers: The Wave of the Future

The introduction of the Discraft Nuke and the Innova Katana earlier this year have ushered in a new era of far-flying disc golf drivers.  Such drivers promise increased distance and speed without a loss of control, but some are finding these new drivers uncomfortable and awkward. The extra-wide (2.5 cm) rims on these discs offer a challenge to newer disc golfers and experienced players alike. After throwing both for a while, here is what I think...

When I first picked up an Innova Wraith way back when, I immediately took notice of how wide the rim was compared to my Valkyries and XL's.   Back then I was a disc golf  noob, but I knew what felt comfortable in my hand. The Wraith certainly did not. Intrigued by the possibilities of greater distance and control I kept on throwing the Wraith and I eventually got used to it. The challenge of the wide rim ended up being an asset to my bag. The Wraith eventually turned into my go-to driver. Can the same be said about the Katana?

I started throwing the Katana a couple of months ago. I must say that even though I tend to throw a lot of fast discs, the rim felt WAY too wide at first.  My hands aren't huge (I'm a generous 5'10" with a slight build) so getting a proper snap on my drives was at first challenging with the Katana.  Several of my early down-wind drives ended up stalling out early because the disc would flop out of my hand without that nice snap you look for on a distance drive.

I did end up adjusting though. I got the hang of it after a few rounds and I must say that the adjustments were worth it. The Katana really did deliver an extra 30-50 ft. on my drives. While these new max-speed/max-distance discs might not end up being my go-to drivers, I will certainly use my Katana when I NEED extra length.  Like any new disc on the market I recommend you give it a try. For the $10 a pro Katana will cost you, you really can't go wrong.

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