Innova Vulcan Review

Another year, another high-powered driver for those with lesser arms.  This story is growing old in the world of disc golf, but it does give us something to talk about.  The Vulcan is described as a fast, long, under-stable disc that has less fade than the much-heralded Katana.  Is it worth the hype? Will this disc finally add distance to your game?

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I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but after throwing this disc I must say the experience was great.  It flies exactly as described.  I was not super-impressed with the Katana, but the Vulcan comes much closer to meeting the promise of a max-distance driver for lesser arms.  It hyzer flips much more effectively than most discs in its class, turning over and finishing with very little fade.   Those with stronger arms will actually get this one to finish to the right (for righties).  If you're really good, the Innova Vulcan could make a nice turnover disc for looong anhyzer shots.

Overall, the Vulcan comes as close as possible to delivering on the promise of a "game changer".  I really do think that beginners will benefit from learning to hyzer-flip this disc for max distance.  Like I always say, a new disc won't turn you into a better golfer, but this one just might buy you some more distance.

- Available in Star plastic ONLY

- Lighter weights available

STATS:  Speed 13, Turn -4, Glide 5, Fade 2



  1. Lazyboy4sure says:

    I just tried this thing out at my local course. I have never been a sidearm thrower but with this disc today I have thrown farther than any disc before-sidearm or backhand. Results may vary of course, but for me it is now a top line up in my bag. Remember:

    Drive long and birdie.

  2. Sara says:

    I’ve been driving with almost exclusively Innova Tee Rex of a few different weights and plastics for about 3 years, but it’s virtually impossible to anhyzer with that disc and I can’t sidearm very far, so I tried out the Vulcan and it has become my new favorite driver. It’s easy to get a nice s turn or to throw straight and get a very subtle S turn. Also a fantastic anhyzer disc; and it did indeed add some distance to my throws, back and forehand.

  3. Skid Mark says:

    Totally agree with the initial review. Works much better for me than the Katana. The only thing I get more distance out of, is my Mamba when I lay it out with a big S in a tailwind.

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