Innova Teebird Review

The Innova Teebird is a slightly overstable fairway driver that delivers big-time glide. While it will not be the furthest flier in your bag, it will definitely deliver a straight flight when accuracy is at a premium.

Think "fairway driver" is just a fancy term for a beginner disc?  You would be wrong. The Innova Tee Bird can deliver crucial accuracy on holes that don't require tons of distance.  I use mine on holes that have long narrow fairways. When I can't bomb a distance driver for a sweet "S" curve (like my Wraith), I reach for my Teebird because I know it will get me straight through would-be obstacles.

As is the case with most high-glide discs, the Teebird will get pushed around a little in the wind. However, on a calm day the Teebird will glide and glide, then glide some more. Did I mention it gets tons of glide?

Are you a fan of the Discraft XL or similar "fairway driver"? If so, the Teebird might be a disc to look into.  It may not break any distance records, but you'll probably be able to put it wherever you need or sneak it down a narrow fairway or two.

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