Innova SL Review (Star Plastic)

The Innova SL, while certainly not the most talked about disc golf driver on the market, definitely deserves some consideration for a place in your bag. It won't fly quite as long as a full speed Wraith, but for those of us without a huge arm the extra glide makes the SL a worth while disc.

I am a really big fan of Innova drivers. The Wraith is my go-to driver for most shots. I find that I can throw it for more distance and consistency than most other discs I have tried. However, I was still lacking a consistent understable driver in my arsenal...that's why I picked up the SL.
The SL is one of the more understable long-range drivers from Innova. When given a slight anhyzer it will hold a nice line then slowly fade to a hyzer. The result is a really sweet "S" curve that doesn't finish too harshly...and gets tons of distance.

For those with a bigger arm, the SL could make a great long anhyzer driver. For those who max out at 300-350 ft. this driver could give you some extra glide and distance.
While the SL certainly doesn't have the name recognition of a Valkyrie, Beast, or Wraith, it could be well on its way to achieving status as a driver with tons of glide and a straight, easy flight pattern.

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