Innova Boss Review

When Innova first started promoting the "Boss 13 Speed Distance Driver" there was a great deal of hype surrounding the disc. It was touted as the ultimate distance driver...super fast, great in the wind, and very long. Now that it has been on the market for a while reviews are starting to pour in. So is this disc a real game changer?

The Innova Boss is certainly a disc for advanced players. In fact, on the Innova website it even declares that the Boss is not for players who throw less than 300ft.  Such players will likely get way too much low speed fade (finishing to the far left for righties) to control this disc.

However, for advanced players the Boss does offer a really long and consistent flight path. It has just a touch of high speed turn to help maximize distance for those with big arms. It will fade dependably at low speeds, especially if you have the arm to maximize this disc's potential.

Overall, is this a revolutionary disc? Probably not, but it will provide advanced disc golfers with a nice option for a primary long distance driver. Amateurs beware: wait until you can throw your Valkyrie or Orc for maximum distance before giving this one a shot.

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