Innova Beast Review

I remember my first round of disc golf like it was yesterday. I strolled up to my local disc guru who sells just about every disc you can think of. I asked him to hook me up with a set of beginner discs. The three discs that he handed me were the Innova Aviar putter, Discraft Buzzz Mid-Range, and the Innova Beast. He told me the Beast was a perfect driver for beginners. Little did I know I would be throwing one of these bad-boys for years to come.

The Beast was one of the first wide-rimmed drivers to hit disc golf courses. It feels great in your hand and will give you a consistent feeling release. The Beast also provides great speed without sacrificing control. Just a couple notches down from the Katana speed-wise, but with similar attributes. The secret to the Beast is that it is relatively understable at high speeds. Beginners can let it rip and not worry about turning the disc over, while pros can throw it below the shoulder and let it travel forever.

I've seen several disc golfers start out learning on the beast and never give it up. Go ahead and read up on some pro's who have done the same thing.

The Beast is just one of those timeless discs that will never go out of style.

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