Discraft Magnet Review: Pro-D Plastic

I am admittedly somewhat obsessive about putters. No matter which one I am throwing during a given month, I always need to throw more in my quest for the perfect putter. While I'm not sure there is such a thing, my latest purchase was the Discraft Magnet.

The Magnet is Discraft's version of the Innova Aviar: a go-to putter for any situation. The magnet has a higher than normal profile and is available in either soft or more firm plastic. Unlike some similar "soft" discs, the soft version of the magnet really is soft! You can bend it very easily (think rubber) and it sticks to the chains quite nicely ...like a magnet...get it?

Whether you throw the soft or regular magnet, you will find the disc is slightly overstable, especially during low speed fade.  However, when thrown with some authority it will hold a very straight line. As a result the magnet (especially the more firm version) makes a very nice approach disc for those with bigger arms.

Whether you are putting from inside 25' or approaching the target from 100' out, the magnet will give you a stable flight path that you can depend on. For those of us on the Discraft side of the age-old debate, the magnet is a stand-by putter for a reason.

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