Discraft Meteor Review


DescriptionLong, dependable understable mid-range

Pros – Holds an understable line forever

Cons – None

Compares to – Innova Stingray

Full Review:

When you go to disc golf forums (shameless plug) you read a lot of threads about "Underrated Discs". Well, it does not get much more underrated than the Discraft Meteor. This understable mid-range comes from a long line of solid mids from Discraft.

I picked up a Discraft Meteor a while back when I was looking to add an understable mid-range to my arsenal. I had thrown Innova Stingrays with a lot of success, but I wanted to give something else a try. At first throw, you'll notice the Meteor gets amazing distance, even at less than full speed. I would actually feel comfortable throwing mine as a driver on some shorter holes.  Unlike some "understable" mids that fade back to hyzer after a while, I find that the Meteor holds a really nice line for as long as you want it to, making it a clutch disc for difficult shots.

The versatility of the Meteor is a plus too. I've actually started using it about 50/50 with my beloved Buzzz.  The Meteor can be an unbelievably straight flier, much like it's "0" rated counterparts (Comet).  I handed one to Mrs. Disc Golf Traveler (who is what I would call a beginner) last month and she immediately sink a 100 ft shot...she has since stolen the disc from me.

I will definitely be picking up a replacement in ESP plastic as soon as possible...you should too if you demand consistency from the mid-range golf discs in your bag.

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  1. Ron says:

    I love the Meteor. It flies just as far as some of my drivers and is as dependable as they come for mid-range shots. I confidently use it for any shot. Best. Disc. Ever!

  2. fishermanbob says:

    One of the greatest discs I ever used. Dead nuts STRAIGHT flyer, even brand new. For me it’s perfect from 100-200 feet out when a straight or slightly understable approach is needed. This disc has been the most easily controlled for distance disc I have ever used. The Meteor has an uncanny knack of landing even with the pin. Even if you throw it slightly offline it’ll end up even with the pin. I don’t drive with it but I’ve seen some big arms BOMB this disc dead straight over 300 feet. If you put something on it, it will glide forever. I’m amazed more people aren’t using this disc. Buy one and find yourself making a lot shorter putts.

  3. Lou Doench says:

    Love love love my meteor. Something about the design makes it almost effortless to throw.

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