Discraft Hornet Review

Somewhere between a Wasp (one of my personal fav's) and a Drone is the new Discraft Hornet Mid-Range disc. Discraft describes the Hornet as "not crazy overstable, but no sissy either."  As part of Discraft's "hive" of mid-range discs,  the Hornet has a lot to live up to.  After all, the buzzz, wasp, and drone are some of the most reliable mid-ranges on the market.

From what I've seen so far, the Hornet is a nice Mid-Range option for windy days. It also has a good bit of glide compared to similar overstable mid-range discs. I find that I can give it a ton of arm and not have it turn over...which is an advantage over the Buzzz, which can be flippy in such situations.  I'm not sure where it will exactly fit into my game just yet, but it is certainly a disc to look out for.  Will it replace my wasp?  I'm not sure just yet.

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  1. fishermanbob says:

    Just picked up two new Hornets, a very light one (149 g) and a heavy one (178g). I’ve been using a Drone and Meteor for most every midrange shot but wanted a disc with a stability somewhere in between. The limited time throwing this model so far I LIKED the Hornet. The heavier one is very stable in the wind, not as stable as a Drone, but with much more glide. I threw the lighter model with a tail wind on a few holes and it BOMBED. These are not fast discs but they have tremendous glide. I can certainly see using them as drivers on short holes where a slightly overstable flight path is needed.

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