Discraft BUZZZ Review

It's been called "the greatest golf disc ever made" by Discraft lovers, and sometimes referred to as "a cheap knockoff" by Innova fan boys. I am of course talking about the ever-popular Discraft BUZZZ.

The Discraft Buzzz mid-range will forever be compared to the similar Innova Roc. In fact every disc golf message board sees a, "Roc or Buzzz?" thread pop up almost weekly, drawing the ire of seasoned disc golf readers. The truth is, both are amazing discs. I carry both in my bag. However, when I absolutely need to land within 10 feet of the basket, I reach for my Discraft Buzzz (in D-plastic) every time.Why do I love the Buzzz so much? It's simple, it is the straightest, most predictable mid-range disc in my bag. In fact, when I am not sure what to throw in a particular situation I reach for my Buzzz. I personally own a couple in inexpensive D-plastic...a habit I developed from my early playing days. In actuality, the D-plastic Buzzz (known as a BUZZZ-d) is actually rated by Discraft as a straighter disc (0) than its Z, ESP, and FLX counterparts. This makes the Buzzz-d perfect for beginner players, or pros looking for a perfectly straight flight pattern.

While the Buzzz is a fantastic mid-range golf disc, I would and do throw it in just about every situation. I can drive with it when accuracy is a must. I can anhyzer it or hyzer it with ease. My Buzzz-d is my ultimate utility disc. In fact, I could even putt with it in a pinch (even though I love my Rattler). When people ask me, "If you could only carry one disc for a round of 18, which would it be?" I confidently reply, "My Buzzz".

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  1. [...] is rated as a “0″ by Discraft, meaning it is designed to fly as straight as possible (think Buzzz).  This is a great thing for a driver.  In a world where players are looking for ultimate [...]

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