Discraft Surge SS Review

Description - Understable distance driver with good speed

Pros - Controllable, understable, perfect for beginners and intermediate players

Cons -  Gets a little flippy when beat-in

Compares to - Innova Valkyrie

If you recall from a previous post, my primary driver, the Discraft Surge SS was lost on the 16th hole at Rockburn Disc Golf Course in Howard County, MD. Well...I finally got my new one in the mail a few days ago and I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to write up a formal review.

The Surge SS (super straight) has become my primary distance driver for a reason...it gets great distance without sacrificing control. I can hyzer it, anhyzer it, or throw it straight and far with confidence.

I will be the first to admit that I am no pro when it comes to disc golf.  While my skills are improving every day, I am still working on getting a better snap on my throws and adding more distance to my drives. On a good drive I can get up to about 300-350 feet. However, I am usually around 250', especially on wooded courses where I can't huck a disc with all my might. That's why the Discraft Surge SS is a great disc for me: It has the stability to reach it's target with superior glide to get that extra 50 feet.

On a straight and open hole I usually pull out my Surge SS.  Given a moderate hyzer it will flip up and carry on a nice straight line.  For me this equals maximum distance, especially given the amazing amount of glide that the Surge SS gets.

The Surge SS is also my primary long-distance anhzyer disc, as is the case for many pros (just check testimonials on the Discraft website). When throwing this disc for an anhyzer you really need to give it an extreme low-to-high motion. As mentioned above, the Surge SS does have a tendency to flip over on such shots (the "SS" stands for super straight doesn't it?). However, with some practice you will be rewarded. This disc will hold a beautiful left-to-right line if thrown correctly. It will finish softly and glide towards the basket (hopefully).

In conclusion, the Discraft Surge SS is a versatile distance driver for players of any skill level. A beginner might use it as a hyzer driver. A more experienced disc golfer might use it for long and straight shots, while a more seasoned vet would probably use the Surge SS for long anhyzers. Either way this one is worth a pick-up.

Why is the Surge SS in my bag? Because I can throw it in just about any situation and know I'm getting great distance without sacrificing accuracy. My arm may not be big...but my throws can be with the Surge SS.

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