Discraft Surge Driver Review

Attention Innova throwers (present company included): I know you are in love with your Wraith, Valkyrie, SL, or whatever driver you currently throw, but have you picked up a Discraft Surge lately? While Discraft has not been known for their drivers in the past, The Surge might be worth your while.

The Surge is a favorite among world champion Disc Golfer, Nate Doss. In fact, you can buy a signature "Nate Doss Surge".
What makes this disc such a favorite among pros is the fact that even those with big arms will get great distance and glide without turning over. You can think of the Surge like Discraft's version of the Innova Wraith...a long driver with good stability and glide (I have even seen people throw the Surge farther than the Wraith).
If you have been turned off by Discraft drivers in the past the Surge just might be the one to get you throwing more than just Innova (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Oh yeah...and the Surge is available in all plastics that Discraft offers.

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  1. Buster says:

    I’ve been playing with (from relatively overstable to understable) the Avenger (Z and X), Teebird (Champ), and Beast (Champ) as my “stable discs” lineup. Obviously the T-Bird lacks some distance, but I usually only throw it when accuracy trumps distance. If I had room it was usually Avenger or Beast for those “straight-ish” shots.

    I almost picked up an Avenger SS in an attempt give me a long range option over the T-Bird if I felt I needed it…but for reading your review. Instead I just ordered a Surge X and a Surge SS Z on reading your recommendation (and Liz Carr’s as well). I don’t feel I have the biggest arm either…topping out a lil over 300′. I’ll let you know how it goes. :)

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