Discraft NUKE Review

Description - A super-long, wide-rimmed, distance driver

Pros - Crazy distance, very fast, easy to control

Cons - Not for the weak-armed (moderately experienced players should be fine though)

Compares to - Somewhere between an Innova Boss and an Innova Katana

I know it has been a few months...but I finally got my hands on a Discraft NUKE, the new wide-rimmed driver from Discraft. For those of you disc golf gearheads, you already know about this much-hyped distance driver. For the rest of you, here is the skinny:

  • The NUKE features the widest rim allowed by the PDGA
  • It is designed to give maximum distance to players with average arms
  • It has a Discraft 1.6 rating - which is fairly understable compared to many drivers on the Discraft line


So how does it measure up the expectations? For one,  the wide rim is a lot to get used to.  After you finally do, your other "wide-rim" drivers will actually seem small.  At first throw, the Nuke did not seem very understable at all.  In fact, it had a finish very similar to a Force or Boss. This will likely come down to how strong your arm is.  The NUKE will play slightly stable for weaker players, but much flippier for those with big arms. In fact, a couple of my more experienced buddies actually found the disc too flippy, even before it was beat in.

Despite your opinions on whether or not the NUKE is flippy or slightly stable, the distance it provides can not be questioned. Once I broke mine in a little bit and got used to throwing it I did notice big improvements in my distance. I was throwing it much longer than my Wraith (which USED to be my long-distance driver of choice).  The NUKE has quickly become my choice for the longest holes at my local course.

I also found the disc to be very controllable once I got the hang of throwing it.   With my more beat in NUKE, I start it out with a slight hyzer and watch it glide! The right-to-left finish is comparable to many of my other slightly stable drivers, but the distance sets it apart from the rest.

Would I recommend the NUKE?  Absolutely. If you are a player with good technique and a less-than killer arm, this could be the distance driver that puts you over the top.

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