Discraft Avenger SS Review

If you read through the archives of this blog it become apparent that I am a big fan of Discraft discs.  Just about all the golf discs in my bag are of this make. While I do carry an Innova Roc and a few others, most of my go to discs are indeed Discraft (Surge SS, Buzzz, Rattler, etc.). The other day however, I got my hands on a Discraft Avenger SS and did not enjoy the experience.  No matter how many times I threw it I kept getting the same result:  The Avenger SS was not "super straight" as advertised, rather it faded into a mean hyzer on every drive. This is a disc I definitely wish I left on the shelf.

What's the point of producing a "super straight" disc if you can't throw it straight? That's a great question that i wish Discraft would have answered before putting out the Avenger SS in FLX plastic. I tried...I really tried to get consistently straight drives but I just couldn't do it. Before you become skeptical of my results, keep in mind I do swear by another "SS" disc - the Discraft Surge SS (FLX).  This is why I am so puzzled by my experience with the Avenger SS. On just about every drive (high, low, fast, slow) this disc quickly faded into a nasty hyzer and dive-bombed from right to left. I had almost no success in driving with this disc despite several attempted adjustments to my throwing motion.

If you are looking for a true straight max-distance driver, pick up a Discraft Surge SS. It flies remarkably straight and long. If you would like to read a full review, click on my archives or search for it. Why do these discs fly so differently? The only significant difference I can see are the profiles of the discs themselves. The Avenger SS (which I did not enjoy throwing) has a very low profile, whereas the Sure SS (which I love) has a very "dome-like" appearance. How/why does this alter flight patterns? I am not sure. One thing I do know however, is that from my perspective the Surge SS is vastly superior to the Avenger SS.

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  1. Andrew Sanders says:

    I know this was posted a long time ago, but this disc is reviewed as being massively overstable, hyzering out quickly and undesirably. This must have been a freak disc or a mistaken reviewer. This disc is very understable. I throw an avenger ss, and, as an intermediate arm, am flipping it up from a seven o clock release angle in a tailwind. It barely hyzers back at the end of the flight unless i release it at a literally six o clock angle in a strong tailwind. It is also perplexing that this disc is derided in the review and then suggested as a good disc for beginners in the beginner disc section.

    • lewmaster says:

      Hey Andrew,

      That is a very good point. The previous owner of this site was the one who posted that review, and it doesn’t seem to match up with the actual stats of the Avenger SS. I haven’t personally thrown an Avenger SS myself, but I know several people who have and who compare it to an Innova Sidewinder, which is far from an overstable meathook. The only thing I can think of is that maybe he just got one from a bad run or something?

  2. kindred says:

    i was recently fortunate enough to find a near brand new avenger ss with only the owners first name on the disc. i have attempted throwing the disc numerous times and cannot seem to throw any straight drives either. its a pro-d

  3. Skid Mark says:

    Love my avenger ss! The only disc I can get to fly long and straight. Turns a bit after release and has a very mild finishing fade. Wouldn’t throw it in a head wind and I don’t get the distance out of it that I do with a couple of my wider rimmed discs but works well for most other throws. Repeat- Looove it.

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