Discraft Cyclone Driver Review

If you are new to the game of disc golf, the chances are you may have  never heard of the famed Cyclone Driver from Discraft. What a shame! I recently began carrying a few of these great discs in my bag and I can't stop using them.

The Cyclone is rated as a "0" by Discraft, meaning the disc is designed to fly as straight as possible (think Buzzz).  This is a great thing for a driver.  In a world where players are looking for ultimate distance and the proverbial "S" curve or helix shot, it is nice to know you can still get a very straight flight path out of a driver. I use mine for anhyzers, hyzers, or any shot where I need the disc to go straight.

This is also an ideal beginner golf disc. The Cyclone is a driver that will give any arm dependable results without sacrificing speed or distance.  I know several seasoned players that started out throwing Cyclones and never quit. While newer more overstable drivers might be all the rage among disc golfers, in my opinion, sometimes you can't beat a straight dependable flight from your long-range disc.

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