Disc Golf Draft – #1 Overall Pick?

In honor of the upcoming NFL Draft I got to thinking...if one were to draft disc golf discs for their bag, what would be the number one overall pick? There is a lot to consider when choosing THE disc to build your bag (team) around. It has to be versatile, dependable, classic, and indespensable. Would you pick a driver, mid-range or putter? Over the next week we will be breaking down the contenders, by type (drivers, mids, putters). Today, let's start with drivers.

The contenders for #1 overall driver on our draft board:

  • Innova Wraith: A true classic with speed, glide, and just the right amount of stability. A great choice for disc golfers with average to strong arms.  This disc performs especially well in the wind and for long hyzers.
  • Innova Valkyrie:  A former world distance record holder that is understable enough for beginners, but long enough for experienced players.  Beginners will get max distance, but those who grow into the disc will find it to be one of the game's best turnover drivers.
  • Discraft Surge: A highly controllable distance driver with tons of glide. The surge might not be as popular on the course as it's Innova competitors, but this disc packs a punch.  The surge is long enough to convert even the most dedicated Innova-thrower.

... Tomorrow we will discuss a few more drivers. Want to comment or add a disc? Let us know below.

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