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Avenger SS Aviar - R-Pro Magic
Buzzz Beast Warlock NEW!
Cyclone Boss Wizard
Hornet NEW! Dart
Magnet Destroyer
Meteor Katana
Nuke Leopard
Predator Mako
Rattler Monarch
Stalker Roc
Surge Roc - San Marino
Surge SS Sidewinder
Vulcan NEW!

About Disc Golf Discs:

Sometimes called "Frisbee Golf" discs, disc golf discs are classified based on their purpose on the disc golf course.  Drivers are designed to fly very far and fast but are the most difficult to control.  Putters fly slow and short, but are easy to control.  Finally, mid-range discs are somewhere in the middle.  These discs are made for shots that require a combination of distance and accuracy.

There are two major brands of disc golf discs: Innova and Discraft.  Both offer a variety of drivers, mid-ranges, and putters.  Popular Innova discs include the Valkyrie, Wraith, Teebird, and Aviar.  Discraft's most popular discs are the Buzzz, Avenger, Surge, and Magnet.  Gateway disc golf is a third company that is known for their putters. The Gateway Wizard is considered one of the most popular discs in the game.

What should you throw? That all depends on what feels good in your hand.  However, if you want to purchase just one disc you can't go wrong with the Discraft Buzzz, considered one of the most versatile discs ever made.  Most importantly, have fun and dont give up.  Disc golf is just as rewarding as it is challenging.

-Happy Disc Golf Travels!