Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course Review – Not for the Faint of Heart

Nestled in the woods of  Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA lies a disc golf course that is well-maintained, beautiful, and serene.  I learned quickly however,  that looks can be deceiving...


Watch out for that tree...and the pin placement!

Now I know what you're thinking...but I can assure you that Tyler State Disc Golf Course is a BLAST to play. It features a variety of different pin locations, water hazards, dog-legs, raised baskets, and every challenge you can think of....but wow, is it a tough course!  Beginners beware as this disc golf course will provide even the most seasoned pro with hours of entertainment, along with numerous challenges that will leave you wanting to come back to master them. On yeah, and with 27 holes, I don't think you'll have any trouble finding reasons to come back again and again.

Nice hand-painted sign-age!

Nice hand-painted sign-age!

My favorite part of the Tyler State Disc Golf Course in Bucks County, PA was the overall look and feel of the course. It is visually stunning.  Many state parks look like a disc golf course was haphazardly thrown in without much of a thought.  Conversely, this course feels like the course was part of the original design of the park. The holes are expertly marked with supremely manicured fairways and greens. When playing here you don't feel like an out-of-place guest in a campgrounds, rather an athlete in a top-notch facility.  That is about the best compliment I can give this course.


The individual holes offer tons of variety as you navigate the course.  During my round the tees were mostly placed in the "C" location making them very far in length, many over 400ft.  In fact, some pin locations were placed over 700 ft. from the tee box! On several occasions I had to throw my driver several times before even getting a visual on the basket.  As you navigate the course you will be faced with difficult shot decisions at every turn. Trees, elevation changes, and water hazards will force you to make choices in disc and shot type.  I found myself reaching for my utility driver, the Discraft XL, more often than not. I feel comfortable controlling this driver, and on this course control is a huge key. With so many trees and obstacles sometimes sacrificing distance for accuracy is a good idea.


Without a doubt, my MVD (most valuable disc) on this course was my trusty Discraft BUZZZ-d.   Even at Tyler Disc Golf Course, with all of its challenges, I was able to hit several beautiful shots and park my disc within feet of a well-protected basket.  The predictability of this disc makes it an ideal golf disc to throw on such a course where every inch matters.


Tyler Disc Golf Course is a great place to go for a disc golf "gut check". You might leave with a bruised ego and maybe a few banged-up discs, but you will also depart with a great experience from one of the northeast's great disc golf courses.  The unbelievable professionalism of this course along with the beautiful setting will be enough to please any disc golfer. Beginners will be in awe of the surroundings, while experts will love the challenges that the course provides. Either way, you will definitely want to keep coming back to this gorgeous disc golf course.

UPDATE: The PDGA Tour - Eric C. Yetter Champions Cup Tournament will be held at Tyler State Park on 9/12/09 and 9/13/09. Amateur spots are all filled, but spectators are encouraged to come by and see some of the world's best play at their highest level!

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