Hylands Disc Golf Course- Sturbridge, MA

First and foremost, this is a member’s only course.  You cannot play here unless you are a member or are with a member.  This course is part of an apple orchard, brewery, farm attractions, and many more fun options.  A stage is set up under the pavilion so live music can be heard often when visiting Hylands.

With that out of the way, what a beautiful piece of land!  There is a great combination of open, grip and rip holes, and tight wooded holes.  Each hole has elevation changes and some have a small creek running through it.  The out of bounds lines really make you think your shots through and challenge your shots.

Pros  - Great Elevation

-         Great mix of long and short holes

-         Great use of tight wooded shots

-         Attention to small details (bridges, woodchips around pins)

-         Lots of other activities to do (but why would you want to do anything besides play disc golf?)

-         Massive downhill hole so it makes you feel like throwing 500ft is easy

-         Very clean (there isn’t litter all over the course)

Cons - Members only

-         Poison ivy is all over the place

-         Very tall grass (this could be because it’s been raining so much)

-         Most holes have only one tee/pin option

-         Beer drinking rules (only certain beers can be drunken at certain holes of the course)

-         Very buggy

-         A couple long walks between tees

-         Not all tees have tee pads, some are natural tees

Overall, Hylands is a good course.  There are some awesome parts to it, but I feel as though there is so much potential not being utilized.  I feel as though with time and some tweaking and more love, this course can be right up there with the best.  This is a newer course and it shows.  Paths need to be worn down for walking and this will get rid of some of the undergrowth that can hide discs.  All in all this is a fun course and I suggest that you find yourself a member to take you so you can go play it.

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