Discs for Beginners

What is Disc Golf?
Disc Golf is a sport that is growing tremendously in popularity around the country due to its accessability and low-cost of play.  Every state has disc golf courses and I would bet that there is a disc golf course closer to your home than you'd think.

Disc Golf is played with the same basic rules as traditional "ball golf".  The player who can complete the course using the least throws wins the game. However, there are some distinct differences, mostly revolving around the equipment that is used.

First of all, disc golfers aim at a basket, or an elevated metal target above the ground.  The target consists of a metal basket suspended below chains that are aimed to catch the disc.

Disc Golf is not played with clubs and a ball,  players only throw discs. Just like in traditional golf, players carry specialized equipment for different shots. Most disc golfers carry drivers, mid-ranges, and putters to help them execute different types of shots.  Each type of disc is shaped differently and designed to cut through the air in different ways.

Finally, most disc golf courses are set up in local parks and recreational areas.  As a result, courses tend to be much more wooded than traditional golf courses.  Disc golfers must avoid trees, lakes, rivers, and other natural hazards as they make their way through the course.

Disc Golf is a challenging sport than literally anyone can play. The fees are low and equipment is generally very inexpensive. Check out our banner below to get started purchasing some reasonably-priced disc golf equipment!

Before going any further, make sure to read up on common disc golf terms.

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing Discs

Disc Golf is a great game to learn and play.  What could be better than having fun, competing, and exercising...all at a very low cost?

However, Disc Golf can be frustrating to learn and understand for beginners.  The most confusing aspect of disc golf for new players is probably the wide array of discs available on the market.  The following is a list of perfect discs for the disc golf beginner.

Disc Golf Traveler's Beginner-Friendly Discs

Drivers: Discs designed to travel long distances

Mid-Ranges: For those shots between drives and putts (like an iron)

  • Discraft BUZZZ - world's most versatile disc
  • Innova Roc - a classic used by all skill levels
  • Discraft Comet - straightest flying mid-range in the game


  • Gateway Magic - super-straight putter
  • Innova Aviar - most popular putter on the planet
  • Discraft Magnet - soft and sticky feel for great grip

Disc Golf Traveler's Guide to Proper Form and Technique