Revolution Disc Golf – Carolina Team Bag Review

Revolution has long been known as the "Cadillac" of disc golf bag manufacturers. The quality of materials and construction is really second-to-none.  When I got a chance to try out a Revolution Carolina Team Bag  I jumped at the opportunity. Is over $100 too steep of a price for a disc golf bag? Is this bag a luxury or a necessity? Let's find out...

I have been carrying around my FADE Gear Crunch Box for some time now.  I find that for a casual round I don't necessarily need huge amounts of space for accessories and discs. However, I can see how tournament play would certainly warrant more golf disc capacity. The Revolution Carolina TEAM bag comfortably fits up to 16 discs in the main compartment, 2 putters in the putter pocket, and you could even jam a few more in the spacious side pockets. I've seen friends stuff over 20 discs in this bad boy!

You could probably pick up a generic sports bag for a few bucks that would easily fit 20 discs, but what separates this bag from the pack is the amazing amount of extras. Some features that you just won't find on many other bags include:

  • Removable roll cage (the material has been strengthened after several complaints to Revolution)
  • Putter pocket that holds up to 2 discs
  • Quad-Shock hook ups
  • A rain flap to cover your discs/accessories
  • HUGE pockets (I ended up fitting a whole adult sized rain coat and a baseball hat in one)
  • Insulated drink holder
  • SUPER DURABLE MATERIAL - 1650 Denier Cordura to be exact
  • Mini disc pocket

Did I enjoy using this bag? Absolutely!

Am I going to jump out and buy one? We'll see.
Overall this is an awesome bag if you're the type of person that has an i-phone, built-in GPS, and blue-tooth headset. In other words, this bag was designed for disc golf gear-heads who appreciate life's finer things. If you're looking for a bag that will last forever and provide you with enough space to move a small bedroom, this is the bag for you. However, if you don't want to throw down close to $100 on a bag that will get tossed into the mud and chewed up by your dog, there are dozens of much cheaper options.

That being refunds should be arriving any week now. Why not save a small portion for an awesome disc golf bag?

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